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For the times you need high-level professionals to guide you, we’re there for you no matter what. Facing some turbulent times? We can help. Need assistance either acquiring another firm or selling your firm? We have the know-how. Want another set of eyes to guide you? We can do that. Our CFO Services division offers a broad range of services to meet your needs.



One of the ugliest words in business is Fraud – caused either by someone outside your company or internally, such as employee embezzlement. And unfortunately, it happens all too often and sometimes goes unreported due to various reasons. We have experience in assisting firms to work through the disastrous effects of employee embezzlement.

Unfortunately, it’s a long process to recovery and prosecution. On Time Accounting provides a Fraud Risk Assessment. We’ll review your operations to determine your areas of vulnerability, and then make recommendations to reduce the chances of being a victim. The investment in this service is perhaps the best investment your business can make, and it’s truly cost-effective when considering the total cost, embarrassment, potential business failure and heartache of becoming a victim of this awful crime.



Does your business sell to other businesses on open account terms such as net 30 days? If you are selling on credit terms, then you need to effectively manage your accounts receivable. We don’t like to brag, but On Time Accounting offers superior credit management consulting services with years of experience in managing large accounts receivable balances, we have the knowledge, tools, and experience to review your operations.

We’ll review the way you extend credit, the way you collect and the way you resolve unpaid balances, and make recommendations to improve the process. All of which will lead you to get paid more timely. No accounting firm in the area has the depth of credit management experience as we do; so let our skills and experience help improve your cash flow.


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